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Dont Tread on Me Flag - Gadsden Flags

Gadsden Flags (Don’t Tread on Me)

Liberty or Death? Yes. These are the original American Flags. Don’t Tread on Me (also known as the Gadsden Flag). These flags are not just museum pieces. In fact, the designs can been seen in history classrooms AND in the streets of America. They are powerful flags in that they represent the earliest foundations and ideals of the United States and are flown wherever Americans feel a need for a reminder of their liberty and history.


Tea Party Movement Symbol

From WikiPedia:

Beginning in 2009 at Tea Party rallies, the Gadsden Flag has been adopted as a symbol of the American Tea Party movement. It was also displayed by members of Congress at Tea Party movement rallies. Some lawmakers have called it a “political symbol” because of this association.

In March 2013, a resident of New Rochelle, New York, put up a Gadsden flag at the city’s vacant armory building. The city ordered its removal, fearing that the flag would be seen as political. The next month, a veterans group, the United Veterans Memorial & Patriotic Association, filed suit against the city.

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