Flag Sale – Buy 2 Get 3rd Item Free



How our “Put 3 in your cart get any 3rd item free” sale works

When you buy any 2 items on our site you get any 3rd item of an equal or lesser value to the lowest priced purchased item for free. This applies on most items in the store including flag poles, flag sets, hats, license plates, etc. including any quality or size of flag!


You put a $24.95 flag and a $17.95 hat in your shopping cart. You can now put any additional item up to $17.95 in your cart and you will not be charged for the item.  You will only be charged the usual shipping costs on that free item. 

You may mix and match items, designs, prices etc. The price of the item is the determining factor on our sale.

The sale continues with additional items. Buy 4 items, get 2 free, buy 10 items, get 5 free, etc.   an item is any separately charged for item. A “set” of flags is counted as one item when sold as a single set. 

Items earned “free” will have shipping charges added (unless you can swing a deal with the Post Office!).

If you have any question about how our sale works the easiest thing is to go ahead and add some items to your cart and see which ones are made free. The system keps track and will even advise you on how to get the best deal!

For customers who have earned a free shipping or other coupon, the sale works with these coupons too!

If you need a lot of flags and think this is a great way to get a bunch of flags for free, THEN YOU ARE RIGHT! We have had customers buy 100 flags and get 50 flags for free!

Hint – buy two 3 X 5 ft flags and get a pole for free!

Beyond that you may contact our customer support here with questions.