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Georgia 2001-2003 Flag

State of Georgia Flag (2001-2003)

The 2001-2003 Georgia flag design was highly disapproved of and only lasted as the official flag from 2001-2003. This flag saw the state seal in gold on a solid blue field with a ribbon with five miniature flags at the bottom, depicting older flags that had represented the state. This ribbon had the words “Georgia’s History,” on it with the Betsy Ross Flag, Georgia’s 1799 state seal flag, the 1920 flag (The Stars and Bars with the state’s seal), the controversial 1956 (the two thirds Confederate Battle flag) and the United States flag. 

State of Georgia Flag History


While there were many groups and people against this version of the flag, it would not be changed until 2003. This is what would be known as the “Barnes rag,” to the opposition. 

The legislature, under Roy Barnes’ leadership, passed a number of reforms that were ultimately unpopular with the public, such as the elimination of the state flag, which led to his unsuccessful re-election and he was defeated and replaced as governor.

” If the 2003 flag was rejected, the pre-2001 design would have been put to a vote. The 2003 design won 73.1% of the vote in the referendum.” ~    

Previous Georgia Flag Design of 1956-2001

1956 old georgia flag design, state of georgia GA flagThe 1956 Georgia flag was in use for 45 years.  It featured a Confederate battle emblem on the right side, and on the left: a blue canton, with 13 stars in a circle with the Georgia seal inside the circle.   The seal featured Georgia’s coat of arms, an arch with three pillars, which represented the three branches and had the words: Wisdom, Justice, & Moderation (Georgia’s state Motto).

This design was adopted in 1956 in response to the Supreme Court rulings on desegregating schools. The Georgia Flag was replaced in 2001, and the legislation prompted the city of Trenton, Georgia, located within the canton of Dade County, to adopt it as its city flag. The Zell Miller amendment played an important role in this change, marking a shift in tradition from the vintage-style flag.

Original Georgia Flag Design (1879), and Design Variations (1902-1956)

state of georgia flag design variations through history 1879-1956  In 1879, Georgia state senator Herman H. Perry designed a flag to honor the Confederate soldiers who fought in the American Civil War.  

Perry was once a leader of the Confederate army during the conflict, and it is speculated that the pattern was based off the First National Flag of the Confederacy, also known as the Stars and Bars.  

Throughout its history variations have been made to the banner by introducing or transforming the representation on the dark blue strip at the edge. The initial 1879 configuration included a solid blue strip without extra symbols.  

Another variation was used from 1902-1906, similar to the 1879 design but had the Georgia Coat of Arms emblem added.

From 1906-1920, another variation was displayed this time with a shield, inside the shield, the Georgia coat of arms displayed the 3 pillars, a man holding a sword, and the words: Wisdom, Justice, Moderation and the year 1799 underneath it, with a ribbon that stated: Georgia.

 From 1920-1956, the design changed again, although still very similar to the initial 1879 version, with the Georgia Seal added in the blue canton.  

What is the current State of Georgia flag? 

Georgia State flag current design looks similar to 1st National Confederate Flag and Betsy Ross flag with Georgia's coat of arms emblem inside 13 circle of starsThe current State of Georgia flag is a representation of the state’s rich history and culture. Although it is similar to older historical designs and the colors are the same, it has three-stripes, with two red stripes on either side and a white stripe in the middle. The blue canton in the upper left corner symbolizes the unity of the original colonies. The state’s coat of arms is placed in the center with 13 white five-point stars in a circle, surrounding it and the motto, “In God we trust,” underneath the coat of arms, which includes a soldier carrying a sword as defense, and 3 pillars that state: Wisdom, Justice, Moderation (which is the Georgia State motto). 

This new flag is the state’s answer to outdated ideals while also still honoring its past. This flag sees an amalgamation of both the old “stars and bars,” design of the Confederate States of America with its stripe work, colors, and the 13-star design of the original Betsy Ross flag of the United States of America. Bearing all this in mind, this state flag is very reminiscent of older American flags, both Union and otherwise.

Who was the first governor of Georgia?

1st governor of state of GeorgiaEdward Telfair, who was appointed as the first governor of the state of Georgia in 1777. He was a member of the Continental Congress and a signer of the Articles of Confederation. Telfair was born in 1735 in Scotland and immigrated to Georgia in 1758.

He was an influential figure in the early days of the United States and was a leader in the fight for independence from the British. He was a member of the Georgia Provincial Congress, a group of elected representatives from the colony of Georgia who gathered to discuss the grievances of the people and to formulate a plan of action. As a member of the Provincial Congress, he was instrumental in drafting the Georgia Declaration of Independence, which declared the colony’s independence from Great Britain.

This document was a major milestone in the American Revolution, and it was largely due to the hard work and dedication of this influential figure. He was a firm believer in the power of democracy and the importance of individual rights, and he was an advocate for the people, believing that every person should have the right to be heard and have their opinions respected. He was a strong proponent of the idea that democracy should be a system of government that is based on the will of the people.

Fun Fact About Georgia: 

Georgia Gold Rush The Georgia gold rush was the first in America, beginning in 1828.

Georgia State Motto

The Georgia state motto is “Wisdom, Justice and Moderation.”

Georgia Nickname

The Peach State

Georgia’s State Pledge of Allegiance

“Pledge allegiance to the Georgia Flag and to the principles for which it stands: Wisdom, Justice, and Moderation”

Georgia state flower

The Georgia State Flower is the Cherokee Rose.

Georgia’s Capital

Atlanta, located in north-central Georgia at the Eastern Continental Divide, has been Georgia’s capital city since 1868.

Georgian Flag

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