15 States with Strange Flag Rules

The 50-Star Flag, also known as the ‘Stars and Stripes’, became the United States official flag on Monday, July 4, 1960, following Executive Order No. 10834 of the Late President Dwight Eisenhower. Prior to the Executive Order published on Tuesday, August 25, 1959, the United States recognized both of the 48-Star Flag and the 49-Star Flags.

If you want to buy any of the flags for sale, take note of some U.S. States that do have strange flag rules which are backed by the laws of the state. They include:

1. Wyoming: The constitution of the state forbids the military from carrying any other flag except for the U.S. flag.

2. West Virginia: The state prohibits the display of black or red flags. While the color black is associated with the Confederates, red is associated with the Socialists. Both flags are considered treasonous under the constitution of the state. The state also prohibits any other flag that is considered to be antagonistic to the United States or the State of West Virginia’s constitution, ideals, law, and institutions. The flag of the State of West Virginia is also not allowed to fly above the Stars and Stripes. If it is to be flown at the same level with the U.S. flag, then it will have to be placed on the right of the Stars and Stripes.

3. Washington: Any flag that is considered to be antagonistic to the U.S. or State’s law or constitution is strictly prohibited.

4. Rhode Island: Except if the U.S. flag is present, no other flag can be displayed in a parade. Public buildings and schools are prohibited from displaying foreign flags. You will also never find flags for sale in Rhode Island that has inscriptions on it as an opposition to an organized government or that is considered to be derogatory to morals.

5. Pennsylvania: No flag is allowed to fly on a public building apart from the flag of the United States.

6. Oklahoma: Red flags are prohibited in Oklahoma. The only place where you can fly other flags is in a stadium, an arena, or the roads. The only flags that can fly on a public property are the U.S. Flags, the Girls’ Scout flag, the Boys’ Scout flag, the State flag, the flag of any nation that once had dominion over the state, the American Red Cross flag, the official municipal flag, or any flag approved by the governing body.

7. North Dakota: Only three flags are allowed by the constitution of the state to be displayed publicly. They are the U.S. flag, the flag of the state of North Dakota, and the flag of any nation that is friendly with the state of North Dakota.

8. New York: The only building where the U.S. flag flies below the UN flag is on the United Nations Headquarters. Any flag that casts contempt on the Stars and Stripe is prohibited. No foreign flag is allowed to fly on a public building.

9. New Jersey: No foreign flag can be displayed in New Jersey except if is flown with the U.S. flag. The flag must have at most equal dimensions with the U.S. flag.

10. New Hampshire: You can get flags for sale that are subordinate to the Stars and Stripes. Every other flag that is foreign or that of the UN is prohibited from being flown on public buildings.

11. Mississippi: Any flag that is not approved by the statute of the state is prohibited.

12. Massachusetts: Flags for sale of any foreign nation cannot be displayed on a public building or school in Massachusetts.

13. Louisiana: If the United States enters a war, the laws of Louisiana prohibits the display of the flag of the nation with which the U.S. is warring with.

14. Idaho: Military groups are only permitted to carry the U.S. flag and that of Idaho. Red flags and any other flag that is deemed to be against an organized government are prohibited from being displayed in public places.

15. District of Columbia: While on the grounds of the U.S. Capitol, any flag that seeks to get the notice of the public is prohibited.

Depending on the U.S. State where you are in, the flags for sale reflect the laws of the state at that point in time. While all the 50 states are bound by the U.S. Flag Code, these U.S. States have strange flag rules.


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