What is behind the scape-goating of the rebel flag?

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How an attack on gun rights got out of hand.

In late June of this year a tragedy in Charleston occurred with the murder of several black church members.  Many believe that this was orchestrated (or at least used) as a basis for a fresh attack on 2nd amendment rights in the United States. Indeed, an anti-gun law was proposed immediately in the US Congress (apparently already written) with the goal to ride the emotional wave and further chip away at gun rights. This play has been run several times in recent years.

However, in the hours after the attack, major independent new organizations like Drudgereport.com did not follow the party line. They cited evidence that this was yet another mass killer reportedly on prescription mind-altering pharmaceutical drugs. Over the last few years nearly every occasion of mass murder in the United States have been linked to the use of these legal drugs. Even the makers of these medications admit that many of them may cause homicidal and suicidal thoughts in those who take them. Mass violence is apparently also a side-effect.

Thus, headlines such as ‘Another Killer On Psych Meds” popped up immediately.  The anti-gun fervor that was supposed to develop became instead the beginning of a public look into the effects of these drugs and their links to mass murder.

However, lets not forget that the manufacture and sale of these medications is very profitable. In fact, the drug companies that make them are the largest advertisers for most media outlets, second only to the auto industry. You’ve doubtless seen hundreds of their commercials. They spend billions on advertising each year.

So, seeing that the anti-gun angle had failed this time around, and in order to protect their largest advertisers, the mainstream media adopted a new narrative that it was not drugs that caused the murder, it was was racism as symbolized by the rebel flag. They found or manufactured the evidence needed and ran with that story line finding a convenient scapegoat in a symbol last flown in anger 150 yeas ago.

You know what came next with political correctness and the irrational push to erase history.

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John Nesbit

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