Why we sell things that “offend” people

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Resisting tyranny is not for the timid

We are here to help you change the world with your ideas and values.

Despite threats of boycott, pressure from media, name-calling and other harassment, we put principle ahead of profit and insist on selling items that buck the system and that might be seen as “offensive” to some. Recent offerings include Confederate flags, Don’t Tread on Me Flags and the “Make America Great Again” caps. We’ve also caught a lot of grief (and some poorly written hate mail) for providing this flag.

To seize power, the first thing tyrants must do is co-opt, re-define or eliminate the words and symbols of freedom.

They must and take away the rallying points of those they wish to oppress. For 1000 years, flags have been used to rally people and express ideas. Flags are a part of every revolution, protest and rally. The ability to freely display your flag (and thus your identity and ideas) is central to freedom and liberty.

Of course, popular speech and expression need no protection. We believe that by encouraging “unpopular” speech (speech that defies those who might become tyrants) we are helping guard and keep alive the US Constitution and its eternal promises to the people.

If you think the country is in great shape and don’t have a cause you feel strongly about then please click the unsubscribe link below. We have nothing for you.

If you want to make waves, wake people up or otherwise change the status quo, then come pick out the flag you want to rally around and display it proudly!

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