Ultimate Flags Inc continues it’s Flagship store…

Under its flagship website, UltimateFlags.com has been online since 1997. As the web has grown, so has its web presence which now includes this blog and a Honoring Confederate Heritage blog.

The company announced today that it is continuing with its tried and true web store. It will continue to offer custom flags honoring core values as well as patriotism. With this endeavor, it is carrying on a proud tradition spanning over two decades.

Anyone who has come to know the Ultimate Flags Inc brand and web store knows the high quality of its products. But don’t take the company’s word for it. Here are just some of the things tailor-made flag purchasers have to say:

“We ordered three 3×5 flags; US embroidered, Fall and Winter season. The season flags were on a very short backorder, but the US flag was sent out immediately and shortly followed by the season flags …” said J.R.

Added a company representative, “Our company goes out of its way to try to fulfill orders even when they are backordered or not in stock.”

OT says, “… Ordered a flag that was back ordered. Company communication is very good and customer service is fast and efficient. Company even is sending a free flag as a ‘sorry for the inconvenience’. Now that is what I call doing what it takes to please your customers.”

Company spokesperson J. Hough added, “We take our customer service very seriously. We try to go out of our way to fulfill all of the orders that come through our web store. We’re known for being fast, efficient and really caring about doing things the right way.”

“Honest!!! Family owned!! Quality and service +++++++ ,“ said J.B.

And there are many more reviews such as these that can be viewed on the company’s Google My Business Listing.

The company also announced that it will continue with its unparalleled its customers from its well-known web store and will announce changes in the two blogs created for that purpose. UltimateFlags.com, under the Ultimate Flags Inc banner will continue providing custom flags and great customer service as it has been doing since 1997.

J. Hough added, “We have a long-standing tradition of patriotism and love for our country and flag. We are American-owned and descendants of Paul Revere. Love of flag and country’s in our blood!”

To learn more about Ultimate Flags, those interested can visit our About Us Page Here.

Ultimate Flags Inc.

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