Police Story: 3 AM on the Harbor Freeway

This is a favorite police story I have to share. It takes place on the Harbor Freeway in the Los Angeles area. Here’s how the officer tells it:  

I stopped a guy for driving erratically on the Harbor freeway at 3:30 in the morning. The conversation went like this:

He: “Do you know who I am?”

Me: “No.”

He (again): “Do YOU know who I am?”

Me: “No.”

He: “I am going to tell you who I am.”

Me: “Please don’t. Please step out of your car.”

He: “You can’t make me!”

Me: “You are right, I can’t MAKE you step out of the car, but I can drag you out. Please step out of the car.”

He: “Do you have any idea what I’ll do? I’ll have your badge!”

Me: “Sir, you don’t need mine. You could have one of your own if you just went to the police academy. Please step out of your car.”

Well, a short story made long: He stepped out of the car, and immediately fell down. He was so drunk he couldn’t walk. His blood alcohol was 0.19. I booked him into jail for DUI.

The next evening, the division police captain catches me in the hall, he said to me, “Remember that really drunk DUI you booked? Well, he is the mayor of Long Beach. Expect to go to court on that one.”

A few months later, I did have to testify. He was convicted. Lost his driving license. Had to go to rehab. Had to pay a big fine.

Good job, officer.

So, next time you see a local police officer or any First Responder, including the military, take just a moment and tell them, “Thanks for serving our community and country!”


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