Why the Lost Cause is Not Fake History

Hi i am writing a summary of why lost cause is not fake history . they didn’t wait years to claim the civil war. It was not fought over slavery but after the war they started saying it was . we can chealk it up to fake history for those who struggle with the horror of the battle . we move forward one step at a time trying to price the pieces back together thank you for. Reading my summary

Key Takeaways:

  • For an even better example I would suggest looking at the UDC’s attempts to regulate history books throughout the South by the early twentieth century. If our definition includes the intention to deceive, this is probably the closest you will get to making the claim that the Lost Cause is fake history stick.
  • If we attempt to enter their world under the working assumption that they were engaged primarily in acts of “self-deception” than we fail to take them seriously as historical agents and we run the risk of engaging in mere presentism. I am going to assume that such an approach does not make me a slavery apologist.
  • The women that historian Caroline Janney explores in her wonderful book about the Ladies Memorial Association to identify Confederate dead and organize new cemeteries where they could be honored should be understood as a Lost Cause act, but I don’t believe it was done in the name of fake history or self-deception.

“I would suggest that rather than brush off certain post-election commentary as fake history that we understand it as part of the event itself.”


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