The tanned Confederate colonel: Part 1

Of all encounters between Confederate and Union soldiers, W.H.F. Payne certainly had a unique one. He held various ranks in the Confederacy including major, captain, and lieutenant colonel. It was during a battle in Hanover, PA that Payne had one on one experience with a Union soldier right after being injured.

Key Takeaways:

  • W. H. F. Payne had been an attorney from Warrenton, Virginia, before the Civil War.
  • The father of ten had enlisted as a private in a local military unit at the start of the war, but soon became a captain in the famed Black Horse Cavalry under J.E.B. Stuart and later the major of the 4th Virginia Cavalry.
  • By the spring of 1863, Payne was the lieutenant colonel of the 2nd North Carolina Cavalry in Stuart’s division, fighting in the Chancellorsville Campaign and then in the Gettysburg Campaign.

“Payne was but one of more than 11,000 Confederate soldiers who visited York County, Pennsylvania, during the Gettysburg Campaign but his story certainly ranks among the most unique.”

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