Our Flags Flying High

  Completely awesome picture sent in by one of our buyers. Love to see the flags flying high! Can’t believe the bison in this picture. That’s a wonderful shot of Texas.

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Why we sell things that “offend” people

Resisting tyranny is not for the timid We are here to help you change the world with your ideas and values. Despite threats of boycott, pressure from media, name-calling and other harassment, we put principle ahead of profit and insist on selling items that buck the system and that might be seen as “offensive” to […]

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What is behind the scape-goating of the rebel flag?

How an attack on gun rights got out of hand. In late June of this year a tragedy in Charleston occurred with the murder of several black church members.  Many believe that this was orchestrated (or at least used) as a basis for a fresh attack on 2nd amendment rights in the United States. Indeed, an anti-gun law was proposed […]

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