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The SPLC’s report… more “purposed” opinion than history?

In Robert Moore’s article regarding the opinionated reporting of confederate history, he speaks of a center releasing information that knocks down the idea that the confederate flag or confederacy is part of anyone’s heritage. He speaks of this information being very one sided and being focus on only one part of history which he does […]


Northern aid to the Shenandoah Valley (1865)

In Robert Moore’s article regarding the history between the north and south, he presents a newspaper article that speaks of the intriguing idea that people from the north would help those in the south during the civil war. He speaks of a group of women who would participate in not only aiding southern women but […]


Battle Flag Flies in Pensacola

In the Southern Heritage News and Views’ article on a local man who is flying the confederate flag, he speaks about the very event that happened on April 9th. A man by the name of Stephen R. Malloy decided to display the confederate flag in honor of those who lost their lives fighting for the […]


Would you have gone to war?

A great question from Manassas National Battlefield Park. Asking readers would you go to war in an attempt to make people second guess their usually passionate responses. The author invites us to use our hindsight to look back at the past and possibly decide different than our fore fathers did in the past. Key Takeaways: […]


Harahan woman charged.

In Matt Sledge’s article concerning severe acts committed by a woman in Harahan, he speaks of various illegal activities a woman took part on 4th of July. Some of the few illegal activities she committed were to tear down a confederate flag as well as have possession of illegal substances. She has been booked under […]

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