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Editorial: Confederate monuments show how private property protects your rights

If you’re being bothered by all the statues being removed from towns due to “racism” or claimed prejudice that the statue stands for, perhaps you should consider building your own type of monument or statue on your property which will completely stop anyone from being able to do anything about it Key Takeaways:People should consider the […]


Add context signage to Confederate monuments

The author of this article writes about how they are against removing old confederate monuments. They argue that they are part of the nation’s history and that those depicted are still heroes of war despite what they stood for. Also, they argue that many other countries have monuments to honor dead war heroes, even if […]


PUBLIC FORUM: We shouldn’t erase history — even dark parts

The author in this blog post speaks about the Confederate flag and what it stood for, both now and in the past. They argue that, despite the negative mindset that the flag tends to bring up in some people, the Confederate flag should not be forcibly removed from history. They also argue that many other […]


Savannah approves changes to Confederate memorial

The government of Savannah approved to relocate two historical busts of confederate leaders. The decision is facing a lot of opposition, however, due to both laws against changing monuments as well as those who believe the monuments should not be altered out of respect. Nearly two-thirds of residents polled were against moving or changing the […]


Should the Monuments be Removed?

Some people feel that Confederate monuments need to be removed, while others feel that the monuments need to stay. There is a national debate on what to do about Confederate monuments around the country. Some feel it is a good idea to get rid of them because the statues represent racism. Key Takeaways:many cities, such as […]


Letter to the editor: Seek compromise on monuments

The summary of this article is complex. There are multiple factors of this article, and its a little all over the place. The civil war and slavery were brought up and then historians and statues, and their significance. I believe the main summary for this article is the neutrality of this nation and how we […]


Opinion/Letter: A sign of common sense

There is a lot of conflict going on today because of the Civil War monuments. But, it is important for people to understand these statues in a modern context. To bring Confederate monuments into the right context in modern society, putting a sign on them could be a great idea. It could show exactly what […]

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