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Poquoson man charged with assaulting teens, including one with a Confederate flag

A Poquoson man has been charged with two counts of assault and battery, and one alleged victim was a teenager who waved a Confederate flag at a high school football game. 53-year-old Thomas Ozoroski was arrested during a Friday contest between Poquoson and Tabb High Schools in York County. The Newport News “Daily Press” quotes Danny […]


Fight over Confederate memorial in Madison nearly over

The Confederate monument in Madison’s Forest Hill Cemetery: to Be or Not to Be? There’s a tug of war resurfacing over the removal of this long time cemetary monument in Madison. Who’s winning? Do you want to see a picture of this Confederate monument and how this issue is coming along ? Fight over Confederate memorial […]


Atlanta council votes to change ‘Confederate’ roads to ‘United’

Atlanta’s city council recently decided to change the name’s of two of it’s streets. The current streets of Confederate Avenue and East Confederate Avenue will now be known as United Avenue and United Avenue S.E. The Monday ruling of the council is set to take effect by the end of this month. Some locals decried […]


Confederate monument has no takers

According to a proposal from Hate Free Decatur, the organization wants to create a “dialogue space” around the monument to contextualize the monument by placing plaques around it describing the historical realities of slavery and social inequality.The Truth, Restorative Justice, and Healing Place site will include an interfaith space where active listening, honest dialogue, education […]


Why a Confederate monument endures in majority-black Port Gibson, Claiborne County

Many Confederate monuments have not survived the wave of hatred that has swept over many people. There are Confederate symbols that are scattered all across the state of Mississippi. There are plenty of statues and buildings and roads that were a part of the Confederacy. January, 1861 is the year that Mississippi seceded from the […]


Silent Sam Confederate monument: UNC faculty to weigh in

There was a topped Confederate Monument called Silent Sam that has caused a lot of noise lately. There have been a lot of meetings on the UNC campus. The meeting is meant to come up with a resolution as to where the monument should be placed. Confederate monuments have been the subject of a lot […]


Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms signs Confederate Avenue name-change into law

In Atlanta, Georgia, the changing of the name of Confederate Avenue to United Avenue has been approved. The only issues expected are the bothersome change of address for the residents of the newly named street. This is a far cry from other areas, that have had extreme turmoil over the eradication of southern pride, and […]


Tear Them Down!

There are a lot of people that would like to tear down the Confederate statues because they want to create disorder and they have hatred towards it that gets attention. A lot of people are out to destroy them, but if they understood history and how much these statues are cherished, they would likely change […]


Counterpoint: Not every Confederate statue represents something bad

There has been a lot of controversy surrounding Confederate monuments lately and there have been a lot of vandalism in the country. Each monument has different meaning and they all need to be held in high regard because they are very complex and difficult things to create. The history of every country is not good. […]

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