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General Robert E. Lee’s Headquarters at Gettysburg

July 1-3, 1863The Battle of Gettysburg was 1 of the bloodiest battles in all of the Civil War.  Here are some interesting things to know about the Commander General Lee and the Headquarters… #1: During the Battle of Gettysburg, both Union & Confederate Commanders made their headquarters at the homes of widows.Gen. George Meade made his […]


Happy Birthday Robert E Lee

January 19th is a State Holiday in Florida, Monday in Alabama and Mississippi, Friday Nov 29th in Georgia. Robert E Lee was born on January 19th 1807 in Stanford Hall Virginia. He was a Colonel in the US Army and a General in the Confederate States of America. He was best known as a commander of the  Confederate […]


Fort Sumter to Appomattox Courthouse: The Story of A Confederate Sharpshooter

Berry Benson Confederate Sharpshooter Berry Benson was a young Confederate sharpshooter who served in General Samuel McGowan’s First South Carolina Brigade. His memoirs were published by the University of Georgia Press as Berry Benson’s Civil War Book.   He was in uniform and there for the Civil War’s first gunshots in April of 1861.  He distinguished […]


Which State Flags Honor Confederate Heritage?

  Which flags have Confederate history in them? And which state flags are up for attack next?    When the Arkansas flag was adopted in 1913 it had three stars in the center, representing the countries to which it belonged before statehood. In 1923, a fourth star was added to symbolize that Arkansas had been […]


Sherman’s Brutal Order

Union General Garrard’s cavalry had occupied Roswell, Georgia.   The tiny town had two cotton mills that manufactured sheets, canvas and rope. But they also made grey-colored cloth used for Confederate uniforms.   The men off to war, women and young girls were doing the mill work.   A Frenchman had temporary ownership of one […]


Mississippi judge removes state flag from courtroom, Buy it here.

Judge Carlos Moore, a Mississippi municipal judge, removed the old state flag from his courtroom on his first day because of the confederate emblem displayed on it. Judge Moore did this in defiance of multiple death threats. A new Stennis flag, without the emblem, has taken it’s place. Judge Moore unsuccessfully has tried to sue […]


Monumental decision: Should it stay or should it go?

Debates about removing confederate monuments are increasing nationally, and the debate has now extended to the University of Tampa, community, where discussions have continued. Tampa Bay has been removing several such Confederate statues and monuments, and there still has not been a consensus between both sides. Some believe that heritage is important and to remove […]


Residents to vote on courthouse flag

The Walton County citizens have been battling over whether or not the confederate flag at the County Courthouse should be allowed to stay or if it should be removed. Many citizen think it’s a racist symbol of prejudice, while others see it as a symbol of historical pride. This issue will be voted over so […]

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