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Stray Cat Helps Veteran to Overcome Internal Struggle

Sgt. Jesse Knott is a military veteran who was stationed in Germany for his tour. In Germany, he found a stray cat he named Koshka, who had been mistreated and abused. Sgt. Knott took him under his wing and nursed him back to health. While in Germany, Sgt. Knott lost the lives of 2 soldiers […]


Mixed Martial Artist Saves Clerk From Beating

It pays to be able to defend yourself and your community from danger. Mayura Dissanyake, an unsuspecting gas station clerk was tending to the the store when he heard a commotion coming from the parking lot outside the station.


Two Civilians Save Cop’s Life.

Never let a lack of authority get in the way of doing what’s right. Two men, Stanley Markis and Jack Carter, saved a policeman’s life as they found him struggling on the ground with a suspect. In the midst of the struggle,


Texan Dies In Israel Fighting Hamas Terrorism

How much can one man give for the country and ideals he cherishes?   Sean Carmeli was a Texas-born man who had a dual citizenship with Israel. This afforded him the opportunity to take his Texas love for freedom with him to join the Israel Defense Forces where the quickly rose to the rank of Sargent. […]

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