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The Civil War Private

 If you have spent much time reading here, you probably know Private Sam Watkins of Company H, First Tennessee Infantry. Sam had a keen eye for nonsense, and his tales were often told with humor. He saw things as the man on the firing line, from the bottom of the totem pole. In his words:“Ah! […]


Old Ironsides in Battle

The day was overcast, winds blowing hard as the Warships neared each other. The War of 1812 between Britain and America had just begun.  The USS Constitution and the HMS Guerriere were now enemies.  Captain Hull was in command of the Constitution, and we have his report. “The Gallant crew gave three cheers” when Hull ordered the […]


“I will fire a shot into you”

The world’s oldest ship still in commission is the USS Constitution, launched in 1797. Paul Revere forged her copper spikes and bolts, as well as the copper sheathing on the underwater part of the hull. One of her early captains was Commodore Edward Preble. He fought in the American Revolution (1775 – 1783), and was not […]


The Confederate Camel

Douglas the Camel served with the 43rd Mississippi Infantry during the Civil War.  By the time he became a Rebel, though, “Old Douglas” was already a veteran, having served with the U.S. Army camel brigade.  Here is his back story. Jefferson Davis is well known as the President of the Confederacy, but it is less known […]


Vortex of Hell: How the Texas “Bloody Fifth” Regiment Got its Name

It was the winter of 1861 – 1862.  The 5th Texas was encamped on the Potomac River, the 5th New York across the river.  The New Yorkers were a Zouave regiment, meaning they wore uniforms modeled after French Colonial soldiers. The men on both sides were known for their courage.  Choice words were exchanged, explaining how […]


Alabama’s Confederate Flag: Part III

If you have been following this search then you know that in Part II the evidence began to point to a lone star on a blue field as being the Confederate flag of Alabama at secession.  In this final segment we will see what this flag actually looked like. The turbulent times of 1860-1861 called […]


Search for Alabama’s Civil War Flag: Part II

In Part I of this series we took up the point that in modern times we are supposed to believe that Alabama did not have a state flag during the Civil War.   In our search to see if this is true, we started with the star of the Alabama Secession Convention.  Part II continues that […]


Civil War Flags of Fort Sumter

Confederate batteries opened fire.  The first shots missed their target, but gunners soon established the range and shells began bursting on the ramparts of Fort Sumter.  Soon the stronghold was ringed with fire and smoke, geysers of stone, brick and mortar flying skyward. This was the scene in Charleston harbor in the early hours of […]


The First Secession: NC Declares Independence

The people that make up North Carolina have a long history of rebellion.  Most folks know that North Carolina declared its independence twice, in 1776 and in 1861.  But it may surprise you that some citizens in North Carolina declared their independence in 1775.   In fact, the current state flag continues to bear the date […]

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