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6 Business Ideas to Start Making Money from Home

If you’re searching for business ideas to start making money from home, then this article will show you the ropes.We know you’ve been waiting a long time. It’s been a while since we’ve updated you on all of these business ideas that we have been coming across online.You see, we have been going through them one-by-one and seeing if they are really worth anyone’s time – because many of these business ideas online are just plain ridiculous.You know what we mean – those pyramid schemes that promise to make you millions, or those “make money online” scams that never pay off. It’s been rough sifting through all of the nonsense.In fact, just last week we had to tell someone they couldn’t start selling fake rocks door-to-door. Seriously. We kid you not.And then there are the ones that require you to spend $10,000 up front for some gimmick that was built in someone’s garage somewhere. Just thinking about it makes us nauseous.

Well, today we’re back with even more business ideas so you can get started earning money at home.

Start a flag business online

The gearheads at Ultimate Flags have come up with a clever way to create customized flags. Believe it or not, they use the same fabric that sailboats use for sails to create the beautiful 1 of a kind flag banner creations.

Work from home ideas are sometimes thought of as being intangible – you can do them from anywhere, so it doesn’t matter which city you live in. And while that’s true, there are some businesses that definitely work better in your local area. Think of someone who specializes in leather goods – if they live in an area where not many people own cars, they might not be able to sell much.

The same goes for customized flags – you’ll need access to a decent-sized population base to make money from this business idea. But if you do, you could make as much as $100 per day if you’re able to sell 20 flags per day at $20 each. There may not be a ton of profit in the margins – but the volume will help offset your costs and give you a starting point for growing your business at home.

Start selling Gadgets online.

This is probably the easiest home business. If you are good with gadgets, you can easily make money selling them to customers on your own website or eBay.

Examples of gadgets are: mobile phones, iPhone, iPods, tablets, cameras, digital cameras, video cameras. You can even list these gadgets for sale on any classified ads website.

Become a virtual assistant.

Virtual assistants have been on the rise, and it’s easy to understand why. Employees of a VA can be located anywhere in the world, and that autonomy is a huge benefit to the employer. In larger companies, VA duties are delineated by project – a VA might be hired for a period of time to compile a report or carry out a task – but in smaller operations, your role will likely involve a little bit of everything. You might be handling customer service correspondence or working with a firm’s social media accounts. Some

VAs also serve as project managers, developing calendars and coordinating tasks within teams.

The money: As with most freelancing gigs, you’ll work on an as-needed basis with clients (and as such, this side hustle will take up as much – or as little – of your time as you want it to.) Most VA work is billed per hour, and the pay for this kind of work ranges from $10 to $30 an hour, with an average annual salary of $74,000 (according to the job site Indeed).

Non-Toxic Cleaning Service

You could launch a nationwide non-toxic cleaning service or provide one to local people in your area. You’ll need to buy the right cleaning products and tools for this, remember to check for SLS, parabens, phthalates, and other chemicals. Add it all up and you’re looking at about $300-500 for your start-up costs. You can then market yourself through local community groups like churches, preschools, and health food stores.

Make a Complaint Company

There has been a lot of talk about customer service – how to provide it and how to complain about it – recently. Customers have been either raving about the good service they received from a company or complaining loudly at bad service.


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