German Reichs Labor Service Flag 3 X 5 ft. Standard


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Reich Labor Service Flag

The Reichs Service Flag was to be used by non-military government facilities. Some examples of where it was flown were railways, the Reichsbank. Post offices, and vessels on inland waterways. It was also in use on automobiles of these authorities. Its official design was that of a “single-reverse” flag, meaning that it had a mirror image on the reverse side. The German Flag with Swastika was used from 1920-1945. The swastika itself has much older and deeper roots, going back thousands of years. (It was used as a symbol of luck, even in the United States, before World War II.) As a flag, it is presented here in historical context. However, some groups use this flag today in an underground, unofficial capacity. We ship this flag worldwide, but in some areas it may be illegal to display or posses such a flag. Be mindful of its extreme emotional value and the level of offense displaying this flag can create. For that reason, we do not recommend this flag be displayed anywhere outside of it historical context.