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Pirate Patriots

America has had its share of pirates. One could even say that the Boston Tea Party was a sort of piracy. It’s  likely that a some of those tea leaves found their way into a patriot’s teapot instead of landing at the bottom of Boston Harbor. It was normal for a nation at war to […]

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Washington Battles An Invisible Enemy

Until modern times, the great killer of soldiers in all armies was an invisible one. It was not bullets, cannons or bayonets, but the disease called smallpox. In 1775, smallpox had so devastated the American army in Canada that John Adams bemoaned that “…smallpox is ten times more terrible than the British, Canadians and Indians […]

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George Washington’s Fury

George Washington was known for keeping his cool, so it was rare that anyone saw him lose his temper. But at the Revolutionary War Battle of Monmouth in New Jersey, Washington exploded in rage when his second in command disobeyed orders and retreated from an engagement.   Washington had sent General Charles Lee ahead to […]

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The Hessians Are Coming!

The British had tens of thousands of troops in America throughout the war, but still found it  necessary to increase their numbers by hiring foreign troops. German rulers hired out some of their regular army units to Great Britain to fight against the Patriots in the American Revolution.  By 1776 thousands of soldiers called “Hessians” […]

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French Pirate, American Hero

Last of the great Pirates of the Gulf, the legend of Jean Laffite is well known in Louisiana. We know little about his first 20 years, but by 21 we know that he had survived two duels. Ever been to  the Court of Two Sisters Restaurant in New Orleans? That’s where Laffite fought 3 more […]

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Hand-to-Hand Fighting in New York

There were plenty of fierce battles in the American Revolution, but few were as violent as six hours of hand-to-hand fighting that took place 100 miles from the Canadian border. Patriot General Herkimer and 800 militiamen were marching through a forest and bog so dense that you could not see a man 30 feet away. […]

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British Red Ensign and American Independence

The British Red Ensign Flag was well-known in the American Colonies during the 1700s.  The English Royal Navy adopted in in 1625, and it was used by English merchant ships from about 1650. During the 1700s the British Red Ensign Flag was the official British flag, and since the American colonies were British, it was […]

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“I’m in! I’m in!”

If you’ve watched movies from the 40’s and 50’s then you’ve most likely seen Jimmy Stewart in starring roles in It’s a Wonderful Life, Rear Window, The Spirit of St. Louis, and Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, and more. He was a kind, soft-spoken, and down to earth guy with a distinctive drawl that helped […]

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Just Getting Started: Bunker Hill

The first major battle of the American Revolution,the Battle of Bunker Hill, was fought on June 17, 1775.  Also called Battle of Breed’s Hill, it occurred in Charlestown – now part of Boston – during the Siege of Boston. Although the British eventually won the battle, it gave great encouragement to the revolutionary cause. The […]

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