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N U T S !

Location: Bastogne, Belgium Date: December 22, 1944 Four German soldiers approached American lines at Bastogne, Belgium in December 22, 1944. Major Wagner of the 47th Panzer Corps was coming to deliver a typed message demanding American surrender. The message, as you can imagine, was not too polite. Among other things, it pointed out that the Americans were […]

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“Don’t Tread on Me”

Year: 1751 Source: Pennsylvania Gazette Benjamin Franklin wrote a commentary suggesting a way to thank the Brits for their policy of sending convicted felons to America – the colonists should send rattlesnakes to England!Three years later, Franklin created and published the first known political cartoon in an American newspaper. It was the image of a snake cut […]

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“The Devil himself could not catch him.”

Francis Marion went to sea at 15. He once spent seven days on a lifeboat, drifting in the Caribbean after his ship was smashed apart by a whale.  In 1754, Francis joined a militia in South Carolina, where he learned about guerilla warfare. When America declared Independence in 1776, Marion and his men helped build […]

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“He was fearless”

Location: Omaha Beach WWII.  Surrounded by steep cliffs and heavily defended, aerial bombardment did little damage to the defensive fortifications. Rough surf was hard on the landing craft, and only 2 of 29 tanks reached the shore. It was a bloodbath.At the spearhead was, John Spalding, in command of a 32-man platoon. He was a […]

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I have my Red, White and Blue. Now what?

…Fly her! If you’ve never considered all the hows & whens to fly your flag, I urge you to read on.  First of all, there is a federal code that you must follow when displaying your flag for any occasion. Don’t worry, it’s only a “code” – not a law – and I promise if you make […]

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Shot, Stalked, & Stranded: Just Another Day for a Green Beret

Location: Hilltop Base somewhere in South Vietnam 17 Americans and 410 South Vietnamese troops came under attack at 4 AM.  Special Forces Sergeant First Class Adkins was there.Adkins was blown from his position with shrapnel burning in his back. Shaking it off, he fought back with his own mortar fire. Adkins got word that 2 […]

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“Load the ammo belts and I’ll get back up”

If you have ever wondered how Chicago’s O’Hare Airport got its name, here is the American hero it’s named for.   Three months after Pearl Harbor, the US Navy’s aircraft carrier Lexington, known as the “Blue Ghost,” was carrying out the dangerous task of penetrating enemy waters. The carrier’s radar picked up enemy bombers inbound, and […]

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“This is as far as the $#*&!s are going.”

What battle was the biggest, bloodiest battle that Americans fought in WW2? The Battle of the Bulge   It lasted 41 days from December 1944 to January 1945, and spanned territory in three countries. On December 16, the German army launched a counteroffensive that was intended to cut through the Allied forces in a manner […]

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You Can’t Make This Stuff Up

Lieutenant “Jack” Lee had a reputation as a fearless and aggressive leader who had led his tank company through France, Germany and Austria. Lee was described as “bright and inquisitive” young man who was a star football player and an avid cavalry rider. These skills helped him gain an exceptional talent for maneuvering Sherman tanks. […]

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